Social Research

Best Practice and Municipal Grantmaking

City of Yarra


City of Yarra’s Community Grants Program is a suite of grants that intends to support the strategic objectives in the Council Plan and Strategic Vision. NSF Consulting was commissioned by Council to review its Community Grants Program within the context of best practice, to determine the extent to which it is fit for purpose and maximising value to the community through the financial investments of Council.


The key tasks carried out were data review and analysis, a desktop review of Council’s internal documents, a comparative review against the grantmaking features of other surrounding councils, consultation with community, Council, academics and external stakeholders through in-depth interviews, focus groups and an online survey.

We prepared a strategic report that discussed best practice grantmaking, best practice governance, ways to maximise effective grantmaking, how the Community Grants Program can align with Council’s 2036 Vision, and how to determine and maximise impact. The Report included a series of strategic recommendations across each of these areas.

The report is currently being finalised in conjunction with City of Yarra.

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