Program Evaluation

We design and conduct evaluations to help clients understand the extent to which their programs or initiatives have been effective in achieving their stated objectives, whether pilot programs are appropriate responses to the needs of their communities of interest, to measure the impact of an initiative, or to analyse the internal mechanisms of a program.

We conduct Formative Evaluations to support and improve the management, implementation and development of programs;, Summative Evaluations to study the effectiveness and merit of programs that have been in place for some time.

Before we start a program evaluation we prepare an Evaluation Framework, detailing the program objectives, their related key performance measures, relevant evaluation question and where to source the evidence. This helps us focus precisely on what needs to be measured, and helps clients clarify priority areas for investigation. It also ensures the evaluation report remains focused and relevant.

Importantly, we work with clients to develop a Program Logic Model (or refine an existing one) before the evaluation begins. A Program Logic Model documents and graphically illustrates the full range of inputs and activities necessary to an initiative to achieve its intended outcomes. It also informs key research questions.

We work with clients and key stakeholders to articular what program success would look like. This is crucial in informing evaluative conclusions.

We use a selection of qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools, including:

  • Desk top research;
  • Online surveys;
  • In-depth interviews;
  • Working Party discussions;
  • Focus groups;
  • Analysis of data records/ acquittals

Our evaluation reports are written in plain English, either for internal or public audiences. We include evaluation conclusions that are strategic and defensible. Our advise is based on evidence-based research and industry experience.

We have conducted program evaluations for all levels of government, arts and cultural organisations and social services. Project examples can be seen here.

Thank you so much for all your incredible work on the evaluation: your flexibility, communication, integrity and professionalism. We are completely delighted with the report and feel grateful to you for your time and effort in understanding and executing the brief. We are already implementing many of the recommendations. Sally Lambourne. General Manager, Consumer Engagement, Dementia Australia, 2023
NSF Consulting conducted a significant piece of work for us requiring a national focus. The team canvassed and reconciled a wide range of divergent views with sensitive consultation based on robust and soundly devised methodology. NSF were open to ideas, flexible in their approach and willing to go the extra mile. This meant we could arrive at a range of critical and strategic solutions to sometimes vexing problems. This work will serve us well for many years to come. John Oster, Former Executive Director, Regional Arts Australia, 2018