Evaluation of Employment Rights Legal Service

Redfern Legal Centre


The Employment Rights Legal Service (ERLS) is a unique partnership between the Inner City Legal Centre, Kingsford Legal Centre and Redfern Legal Centre to deliver employment law advice and representation to migrants and vulnerable workers across NSW, focusing on people who would otherwise face multiple barriers to knowing and asserting their employment rights.

NSF Consulting was commissioned to measure the success of ERLS, including the extent to which it has met an unmet need, its effectiveness, benefits of education services provided, the extent to which capacity building has assisted and referred clients with employment law issues, and successes and benefits of collaboration.


A Case Study evaluation approach was adopted for this study. Case Study evaluation involves a systemic comparison of ERLS from two perspectives (in this case, two geographic locations) to see what factors contribute to the greater impact on the intended client cohorts. It allows greater latitude in seeking and assessing program impacts and provides a reliable way of addressing how ERLS can be successfully delivered in other locations in the futures.

This is a current project, due for completion in October 2024.

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