Evaluation of Health Justice Partnership

Kingsford Legal Centre


For almost 50 years, community legal centres have built a powerful movements that challenges inequity and injustice, creating more equitable and fairer laws, and reshaping how people access free legal help.

Kingsford Legal Centre’s Health Justice Partnership is a collaboration between legal and health services to provide practical, timely and multidisciplinary assistance to people experiencing complex health, social and legal needs. NSF Consulting was commissioned to assess the impact the Health Justice Partnership is having on its client population and stakeholders to enable Kingsford Legal Centre to strategically plan the service for the coming years.


A combined Process and Impact evaluation is being conducted for this project. A Process evaluation is designed to explore the inner workings of the partnership and determine its efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, the impact of the partnership is being evaluated.

A series of in-depth interviews is being conducted with key internal stakeholders about the partnership, along with client surveys and interviews, supplemented by desktop research.

This is a current project, due for completion in June 2024.

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