Evaluation of Home Access Information Trial Program

Queensland Department of Housing


The Home Access Information Trial Program was designed by the Queensland State Government to improve the availability and consistency of access-related property information in Brisbane’s residential housing market.

An evaluation was required to establish the effectiveness of the Program in reaching property seekers with mobility impairments, the impact of the Program on participating real estate agents’ property identification practices, and the extent to which the program has raised awareness of the importance of access features appearing in property searches.


The evaluation was designed explore a range of qualitative issues from a range of perspectives.  In-depth interviews were conducted with senior real estate agents, service providers and advocacy groups in the disability and ageing sectors, and government and industry representatives. Focus groups were carried out with property seekers in Brisbane for whom access was a major consideration in their search.

An Evaluation Report was prepared that detailed the findings from the research, summarised the extent to which the Program had met its intended objectives, and provided strategic recommendations for the Program’s expansion and ongoing success.

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