Evaluation of Victorian Women’s Public Art

Regional Arts Victoria


There is an acknowledged problem in Victoria that public recognition and commemoration of women in the state is considered to be low, including in forms of public art. In response, the Victorian Government designed the Victorian Women’s Public Art (VWPA) Program to promote gender equality, highlight the contribution of women from all backgrounds, support the financial security of female artists and practitioners, raise the profile of women artists in Victoria and support the promotion of the arts around the state.

The VWPA was funded through the Treasurer’s Community Support Fund, managed by the Office for Women and facilitated by Regional Arts Victoria. The program ran for a period of 17 months from November 2021 to June 2023. NSF Consulting was commissioned by Regional Arts Victoria to evaluate the program.


The evaluation was designed to assess the merit and impact of the VWPA Program, specifically its appropriateness in addressing the problem of gender inequality in Victoria’s public art representation, as well as its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering intended outcomes for participants.

In-depth interviews were conducted with representatives of the six participating projects around Victoria and with internal program staff and stakeholders. Natalie also participated in regular Working Group meetings as the project unfolded over time.

An evaluation report was prepared, detailing the evaluation findings and providing strategic recommendations for Regional Arts Victoria and the Victorian State Government.

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