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Impact of Fire and Storm Events on GLAM Institutions

Blue Shield Australia


Blue Shield Australia is the Australian committee of Blue Shield, an international organisation that works to protect the world’s cultural heritage threatened by conflict and natural disaster.

Over the summer of 2019-2020, Australia experienced unprecedented bushfires followed by flooding. In March 2020, Blue Shield Australia conducted a survey targeted at the Galleries, Libraries, and Museums (GLAM) institutions to assess the impact of the 2019-202 extreme fire and storm events on their sector.



NSF Consulting provided support to Blue Shield Australia in the analysis of their survey data and prepared a research findings report. The report included data on the overall impact of the natural disasters, impact on visitation to cultural institutions,  infrastructure, staff, equipment and collections.

Although the survey findings cannot be generalised to represent the wider and larger GLAM sector throughout Australia impacted by the fires and storms (due to the small sample size), it clearly represents a sense of what occurred on a micro level.

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