Social Research

Theatre Passport Scheme: Environmental and Market Analysis

City of Sydney Council


A ‘Theatre Passport’ scheme is a system whereby affordable tickets to cultural offerings are made available to high school students by using the unsold ticket stock in Sydney’s cultural venues.

NSF Consulting was commissioned by the City of Sydney to conduct an environmental and market analysis of the Sydney metropolitan high school market to explore the potential market size for the scheme and to provide engagement projections.


Eight focus groups were conducted among students and their teachers from a range of schools within the Sydney metropolitan area. In-depth interviews were conducted with a range of stakeholders, including representatives of arts organisations, arts professionals, members of the theatre teachers network, and a representative of an online arts portal. A desktop review was conducted to explore previously identified drivers and barriers for students in their engagement in the arts. Our environmental analysis involved taking findings from the qualitative research to explore the full range of drivers and barriers.

We used the Fermi method of measurement to make meaningful estimates of the potential size of the high school market for the scheme. This involved extracting from carefully considered qualitative research, factors that can be thoughtfully applied to known numbers to develop a reasonable estimate of market size.

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