July, 2013

Jul 29 2013

How do you know what you need to know?

So, you have a research or evaluation project ready to put out to tender.  How do you know what information you need to know?  How do you know what approach to take in order to address your questions? A capable and skilled consultant can work through this for you or with you, but in the […]

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Jul 21 2013

10 common mistakes in survey design

The availability of free online survey software like Survey Monkey means that anyone can design and run a survey.  It’s great that these tools are so readily available. It means that gathering important data is easier and cost-effective. On the other hand, surveys are being designed by people with little or no experience. Here are […]

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Jul 14 2013

When project assumptions can be wrong

As an experienced consultant, it is important to be able to make reasonable assumptions within the parameters of a project.  For example, what research method is most likely to work best with a given audience, stakeholder group or other cohort, how much time respondents will be willing to give in in-depth interviews or focus groups, […]

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Jul 7 2013

The healing power of music

This weekend I sang in a memorial concert with Sydney Philharmonia Choirs for a long term chorister and friend who recently died after a six year illness.  She was an inspiring woman and a dear friend to many.  In lieu of a public funeral she organised her own musical memorial concert comprising a handful of […]

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