February, 2013

Feb 22 2013

The power of the arts in disaster recovery

We are experiencing an increased incidence of natural disasters in Australia, and the rate of extreme weather events is set to rise over the coming years and decades.  Within the first two months of 2013 we have seen bushfires in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW, and floods in Queensland.  The devastating impact of Victoria’s Black Saturday […]

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Feb 19 2013

Why do visitor research?

Any arts or cultural venue such as an art gallery or museum relies on visitors coming through the door, engaging in something and hopefully returning.  If you are managing this type of venue you will want to know more about your visitors and gather information that will assist you with promotions, exhibition development or audience […]

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Feb 15 2013

How to choose a program evaluation consultant

Conducting an evaluation of a program or initiative is crucial to ensure its success.  Although it can feel like a burden to go through the tender process and choose a program evaluation consultant, there are a number of benefits to the process of evaluation, including identifying strengths and weaknesses of the program, creating a foundation […]

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