February, 2016

Feb 17 2016

Rockhampton Retrospective – 3 years, 8 key challenges

Creative Capricorn was a three-year cultural program rolled out in Rockhampton, Queensland. Its aim was to demonstrate that when integrated into economics, social and community planning, arts and cultural projects can assist in the diversification of local economies, increase social cohesion and improve quality of life for the community. NSF was commissioned to evaluate this […]

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Feb 9 2016

Low carbohydrate? Or poor performance indicators?

I recently purchased a loaf of ‘low carbohydrate’ bread (see image). Now, looking at this loaf, I think you will agree there is no denying that this loaf would be lower in carbohydrates than other loaves. But that is possibly because it has a great big hole in it. I’m only kidding, of course, but […]

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Feb 1 2016

How do you decide who to recruit for your research?

Typically, evaluation and research is about human beings. Our focus of interest is often users of programs or initiatives. They may be individuals, social groups, special interest groups, clubs, companies, cities or countries. We need to identify people willing to provide their experiences, thoughts, ratings, assessments, or other input into the topic of interest. But […]

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