July, 2014

Jul 29 2014

Rockhampton – Australia’s beef capital is cooking with creativity

Rockhampton is at a cultural crossroads. And that’s no bull. The large Central Queensland town that has been best known as the beef capital of Australia is in its final six months of a three-year pilot program, Creative Capricorn. Funded by Federal, State and Local government, Creative Capricorn is designed to use arts and culture […]

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Jul 21 2014

Breakups, telcos and surveys. The importance of welcoming feedback

I recently changed telecommunications companies after having been with my provider for more than 15 years. I received a call from a company on behalf of said telco with an invitation to answer some questions about why I left them after such loyalty and longevity. This pleased me, as I felt I had broken off […]

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Jul 14 2014

10 essentials to include in a research or evaluation brief

To commission an evaluation or research project, it is helpful––to you and the consultant––to prepare an evaluation brief. This is a short document, perhaps two to four pages, outlining what the evaluation consultant needs to know. An additional benefit is that it also helps you clarify your thinking in terms of what you need from […]

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Jul 4 2014

Quantitative or qualitative research? Which one to use?

                  If you have a research or evaluation question or issue you want to explore, how you do you know whether you need to collect qualitative or quantitative information? Your research or evaluation consultant will be able to advise you but here are some things for you […]

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