January, 2014

Jan 30 2014

Can you measure the value of culture?

Culture is one of society’s intangibles concepts. Intangibles are aspects of society that cannot be seen, touched or heard. They are not solid objects like products, audiences or exhibition objects. Rather, they are things such as ideas, risks, wellbeing, values, effectiveness, quality, image and legacy. Is it really possible or ethical to assign a value […]

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Jan 23 2014

10 tips to improve online survey response rates

Response rates are an important consideration for surveys. The response rate is the percentage of people who respond to your survey. If you contact 100 people and 40 respond, your response rate is 40%. A survey that collects very little data may not contain substantial information to make it worthwhile reporting on your findings. In […]

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Jan 15 2014

Is theatre of only the young absurd?

  With major summer festivals in full swing throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, discussions abound in the arts sector about how to attract new audiences. Many of these conversations come back to an assumption that new audiences should be young. Fergus Linehan was the CEO and Artistic Director of the Sydney Festival in 2007. In […]

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Jan 8 2014

6 methods for evaluating value for money

At this beginning of a new year it is possible you are wondering whether your programs and initiatives are providing a good return on investment, or how your budget may be better spent.  In the not-for-profit and government sectors throughout Australia, value for money and how to assess it has become important. Determining whether programs […]

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