September, 2013

Sep 30 2013

Bellingen Arts Week – 3 key success factors

About a year ago, the Bellingen Arts and Cultural Committee – comprising a team of enthusiastic local volunteers – thought it would be a good idea to have a week dedicated to the arts in Bellingen. But Bellingen is already a creative place; why the need for an arts week? The aim was to help […]

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Sep 24 2013

Survey sample size – how big is big enough?

When designing and running surveys, the question often arises, ‘How large should the survey sample be?’ It is easy to be seduced into thinking bigger is better. If time and budget were limitless, we would interview everyone in a population to guarantee reliability and accuracy. But that is never possible. There comes a point of […]

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Sep 16 2013

Referenda, elections and surveys

The recent Australian federal election was not a referendum on the carbon tax.  It was not a referendum on anything. The reason is simple. A referendum is a vote of the people on one measure in response to one very specific question about the Australian Constitution. The question is posed as a statement that requires […]

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Sep 8 2013

Measuring arts and culture – does it have to be all or nothing?

Many years ago it was common to think it impossible, misleading and wrong to measure broad intangible concepts like, arts, culture and the environment.  It just didn’t feel right to put a value on these things.  Now it is well accepted to measure the value of the environment, as well as arts, culture and wellbeing. […]

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