June, 2013

Jun 30 2013

5 problems with statistics

It is not unreasonable for funding bodies of government programs to want hard evidence to justify money they have spent on a program or initiative, or to help them make future decisions relating to where their funds may be directed in the future. Although data and statistics can be powerful tools for these purposes, it […]

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Jun 23 2013

Social media monitoring in evaluation projects

To conduct a program evaluation is fundamentally about exploring the extent to which the initiative meets its intended objectives. We are currently evaluating an arts-based program Creative Capricorn being rolled out in Rockhampton over a period of three years.  It involves the integration of artistic and cultural programs to help diversify the local economy and […]

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Jun 16 2013

Computer software and qualitative research analysis

A client recently asked whether I would recommend a particular software program to assist in analysing qualitative research data.  There are a number of these types of programs around; two or three are well known.  She told me her department was considering purchasing it to help them collate and interpret a growing number of consultation […]

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Jun 1 2013

Deliberative Engagement Methods

Deliberative democracy is one of the major growth areas in contemporary social science and community engagement in the world.  The use of deliberative methods of community engagement has increased in the last 30 years, partly in response to public discontent with previous public participation experiences and a decreased in the trust of government decisions without […]

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