October, 2013

Oct 31 2013

Creative Capricorn – Peering into Rockhampton’s creative future

In 2012, Rockhampton was chosen as one of two regions in Australia (the other being Goolwa, South Australia) to trial a new model of cultural development. The model is a partnership between the three tiers of government and local communities, aimed to demonstrate that arts and cultural projects can increase social cohesion and improve quality […]

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Oct 21 2013

Bushfire recovery – 6 success factors from the Black Saturday recovery process

New South Wales is currently in the grip of its worst natural disaster in nearly half a century. A state of emergency is in effect across the state.  There are currently 56 fires burning around the state; 12 of which are not contained and three in the Blue Mountains are in danger of merging into […]

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Oct 15 2013

One common myth about the role of the arts in disaster recovery

In recent years Australia has experienced some its worst natural disasters on public record. These included the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria in 2009, Cyclone Yasi and floods in Queensland in early 2011. Following these natural disasters, new models of support were trialled to help rebuild disaster-affected communities by using arts-led and creative activities. I […]

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Oct 8 2013

Online research and evaluation tools – 2 limitations

The internet is becoming a widely used tool for conducting research because it allows people to access a significant amount of information affordably, and without geographical boundaries and time limits. Arts organisations are eager to collect audience data, but it is often the expense and expertise required that prevents them from doing so. Online research […]

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