Evaluation on a shoestring

Jan 30 2023

Evaluation on a shoestring

It’s the beginning of a new year and you may be wondering how you can afford to conduct that important evaluation of your program, initiative or activity. You won’t be alone. But if you’ve ever felt you shouldn’t proceeded with commissioning an evaluation because of budget or resources constraints, think again. I’ve worked with many […]

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Apr 15 2019

Evaluating transformation

I’m currently ensconced in report writing for an evaluation project. That is not an uncommon situation to be in, as I work as a program evaluator and consultant. But this project is different; it is more challenging than many, as it poses some big theoretical questions. I am evaluating  Small Town Transformations; an initiative of […]

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Mar 29 2016

Monitoring is not evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are often used interchangeably, yet they are different concepts. As a result, evaluation may be being compromised. Here is the difference between the two terms and their different purposes. Monitoring Monitoring is an ongoing activity of systematic and routine collection of information. Monitoring checks on the progress of a program or initiative […]

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Feb 24 2014

Hold still, this won’t hurt a bit

 2 key points to allay the fears of evaluation respondents.   Evaluations are conducted to collect, analyse and use information to answer questions about initiatives, projects, policies and program. Typically, they are used to enable funding bodies to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their programs. Evaluations outcomes drive organisational learning and lessons from the […]

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Feb 12 2014

Conference controversy: levels of community engagement

Last week I was a presenter and member of a discussion panel at the Spectres of Evaluation Conference, held at the Footscray Community Arts Centre in Melbourne. This international conference aimed to explore issues surrounding the way the arts are evaluated, including competing claims and judgements about limits, uses and value of the arts. Delegates […]

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Jan 30 2014

Can you measure the value of culture?

Culture is one of society’s intangibles concepts. Intangibles are aspects of society that cannot be seen, touched or heard. They are not solid objects like products, audiences or exhibition objects. Rather, they are things such as ideas, risks, wellbeing, values, effectiveness, quality, image and legacy. Is it really possible or ethical to assign a value […]

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Jan 8 2014

6 methods for evaluating value for money

At this beginning of a new year it is possible you are wondering whether your programs and initiatives are providing a good return on investment, or how your budget may be better spent.  In the not-for-profit and government sectors throughout Australia, value for money and how to assess it has become important. Determining whether programs […]

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Dec 19 2013

Top tips and thoughts from 2013 – 7 blog highlights

My weekly blogs are designed to provide tips, insights and ideas for my clients and colleagues working in the arts and cultural sectors, evaluation and market research research,  government policy planning and the human services sectors – in metropolitan and regional Australia. To round off the year, here is a summary of my most popular […]

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Dec 2 2013

Music links regional and rural communities in central Queensland

Kate Leahy is a dynamic, articulate and talented local Rockhampton musician.  When she was 17 she felt she had to leave the area if she wanted to pursue a career in music, as there were few opportunities to work as a local artist.  A few years ago Kate returned to Rockhampton but found it challenging […]

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Oct 31 2013

Creative Capricorn – Peering into Rockhampton’s creative future

In 2012, Rockhampton was chosen as one of two regions in Australia (the other being Goolwa, South Australia) to trial a new model of cultural development. The model is a partnership between the three tiers of government and local communities, aimed to demonstrate that arts and cultural projects can increase social cohesion and improve quality […]

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