May 2 2019

Collaborating with regional communities

It’s well understood now that arts and culture make regional Australia a better place. Communities thrive when people come together to share stories, reflect on a common history, and build social inclusion through arts and cultural activity. Last year NSF Consulting was commissioned by Regional Arts Australia to research and prepare a guidelines document to […]

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Feb 5 2019

The importance of logic

The Logic Model: A supermodel applying logic to ponder something important? No, we are talking matters less hedonistic, although crucially important in the evaluation process. A Logic Model is an important tool to help set up a robust and meaningful evaluation. The process of developing a Program Logic Model is an important first step carried […]

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Jul 26 2017

Evaluation or research?

Sometimes research and evaluation can be confused or conflated, as I explain in my new online evaluation course for local government, which you can see here. When commissioning a project it is important to be clear about whether you require research or evaluation. Because, despite them being related and sharing some common approaches, they are […]

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Jul 29 2014

Rockhampton – Australia’s beef capital is cooking with creativity

Rockhampton is at a cultural crossroads. And that’s no bull. The large Central Queensland town that has been best known as the beef capital of Australia is in its final six months of a three-year pilot program, Creative Capricorn. Funded by Federal, State and Local government, Creative Capricorn is designed to use arts and culture […]

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Oct 8 2013

Online research and evaluation tools – 2 limitations

The internet is becoming a widely used tool for conducting research because it allows people to access a significant amount of information affordably, and without geographical boundaries and time limits. Arts organisations are eager to collect audience data, but it is often the expense and expertise required that prevents them from doing so. Online research […]

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Sep 16 2013

Referenda, elections and surveys

The recent Australian federal election was not a referendum on the carbon tax.  It was not a referendum on anything. The reason is simple. A referendum is a vote of the people on one measure in response to one very specific question about the Australian Constitution. The question is posed as a statement that requires […]

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